Pierre Griffes is a small, unpretentious, independent French styled Café Bar & Bistro on Allerton Road in Liverpool. Our Menus are simple, exciting, and delicious and all designed to suit a varied palette.

Our pledge to invest in our customers has allowed us to quickly adapt and grow since we opened our doors on the 17 th May 2021. In just a short space of time, we now have regular visitors who enjoy our warm and friendly atmosphere, and apart from the odd keyboard warrior having a dig the first few weeks, we have had so many 5-star reviews and amazing feedback.

We are not a fine dining restaurant; Pierre Griffes is a Bistro serving hearty plates that are full of delicious rich flavoursome food and we follow the premise that “You will not leave hungry”.


Our Coffee is not “off the shelf”! Pierre Griffes Coffee is a unique blend of 4 different coffee beans, roasted and blended just for us. We grind our beans to order for each customer and it is as fresh as Coffee can be. It is delicious. SERVED IN BIG CUPS

Things our customers have said about Pierre Griffes Coffee

“Best Coffee on Allerton Road, if not in the whole of Liverpool”

“By far the nicest Coffee I have tasted in years”

“So smooth and rich, and no bitterness, just delightful”